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Bravekto, Frontline Nexgard Spectra – tablets for dogs from fleas, ticks and worms

Tick ​​Tablets: NexgarD Spectra and Bravecto
The first pills for fleas and ticks in Russia appeared in 2016. These were Frontline NexgarD and Bravecto. In Europe, these pills began to be applied as early as 2015. Since then, hundreds of thousands of dog owners have tried these drugs for treating and preventing flea bite and tick infestation, while at the same time preventing infection of dogs with piroplasmosis and borreliosis, diseases transmitted by ixodic ticks, and veterinarians began to use them for treatment of demodicosis, sarkoptosis and otodektoz (ear mite) in dogs.

How do Bravekto and Frontline NexgarD work?
Afoxolaner and Fluralaner – active ingredients Nexgard and Bravekto – from the same group of isoxazolines. These molecules block the receptors of the nervous system of fleas and ticks, causing paralysis and death of fleas and ticks. It is important that the parasite must first bite the dog. Since the action of Nexgard and Bravecto is very fast – the parasite quickly dies, not having time to infect the dog.

The effectiveness of pills for fleas and ticks
Tablets of ticks and fleas for dogs

Both drugs act against fleas and some ticks that are dangerous to dogs.

Despite this, Bravekto and Frontline NexgarD contain molecules from the same group of isoxosalines as active substances – these are fundamentally different preparations.

Bravekto refers to prolonged medications and is valid for more than a month (about 12 weeks). whereas the duration of Nexgard is customary for owners, and the classic one is a month.

To maintain efficiency, you must observe the multiplicity of treatments according to the instructions!

The handling of the Nexgard is quite convenient. A specific date of the month is chosen, Nexgard is given exactly this date, every month. To get lost in the treatments or forget to hold the next one is more difficult.

Security Frontline NexgarD and Bravecto
It is worth noting that both pills are safe and tested by repeated overdose. However, Bravekto contains 10 times more active ingredient of Flurolanera than Frontline NexgarD – afoxolanera, since in order to achieve a prolonged action, the manufacturer had to significantly increase the dose of fluralaner. It is worth noting the fact that in the US Bravekto allowed for use by dogs only from 6 months of age.

Both drugs can be prescribed to pregnant and lactating females under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Frontline Nexgard does not contain animal proteins, unlike Bravecto. This is a definite plus for dogs with food allergies. For such animals, it will be more preferable as a preparation for protection against fleas and ticks.

The taste and size of flea and tick tablets
Both tablets are soft chewable, do not crumble when eaten, which eliminates the loss of part of the drug and effectiveness, respectively, have a pleasant taste and smell for dogs.
Since both drugs are oral, i.e. ingested when eating, it is imperative that the use of tablets is convenient and effective. It is necessary that the dog swallowed a pill, as the dogs practically do not chew when they eat food.

Nexgard tablet is smaller in size than Bravekto, and in comparative studies, dogs preferred Frontline NexgarD more often than Bravecto.

In addition, according to the instructions, the absorption of the drug Bravekto is better with food, while feed intake does not affect the absorption of Nexgard and can be given with or without food. Eating will not affect the digestibility of the drug, and, as a consequence, its effectiveness.

Security Bravekto and Frontline Nexgard for Collie, Sheltie and other breed dogs with the mutant MDR1 gene
The drugs tested 5-fold overdose in dogs of breed Colley with a confirmed mutant MDR1 gene. The studies did not show any negative effects for these dogs.

Demodecosis Treatment with Bravecto and Frontline NexgarD
Both tablets are used to treat dogs from

Ear tick
Drugs are prescribed according to the instructions, as with conventional prevention. However, do not self-medicate, since demodicosis is only the tip of the iceberg and without a correct diagnosis there is an opportunity to miss another disease or disorder, which the tablets with monotherapy cannot cope with. Contact a veterinary dermatologist if you suspect these diseases in your dog.

Nexgard Spectra – the next generation of pills for fleas, ticks and worms

Of undoubted interest are complex preparations that are currently appearing on the veterinary market. And the pioneer among them in the form of tablets is Nexard Spectrum. This pill combines the effects of both fleas and ticks, and the most common worms of dogs. For example, toksokar – round worms, often found in dogs.

Nexgard Spectra or Milbemaks?
Both preparations contain the same active ingredient, milbemycin oxime, which is active against round helminths and dirofilaria larvae. However, both drugs have a second active ingredient.

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